Tips On Betting In Dragon Tiger Casino Game

Introduced in the Kingdom of Cambodia for the very first time, Tips On Betting In Dragon Tiger Casino Game an Asian casino game. It is quite a widespread game wanted by gamblers chiefly due to its speedy results and simplicity throughout. Streak bettors am passionate about it too.

The best tips on betting in dragon tiger casino game

The game is played with standard English decks that comprise fifty-two cards. The game is typically dealt by a blackjack shoe that holds six or eight decks and jokers or wild cards don’t seem to be utilized in the game. In most of the casino games the player needs to play against the dealer in Best Malaysia Live Casino & Online Gambling Site, but this is not the case in dragon tiger. Rather the main objective of the game is to justly select whether the dragon or the tiger hand can get the very best card. Like in, baccarat the player and also the banker might draw further cards this can be not the case in dragon tiger. This game is played more like the game casino war. Where only one card is assign to the dragon and one to the tiger.

Tips On Betting In Dragon Tiger Casino Game
Tips On Betting In Dragon Tiger Casino Game

How to place the bets in dragon tiger

The player initial needs to wager at any one of the hand whether at the dragon hand or the tiger hand. Then the dealers place the faced-up cards at the layout and the highest card wins.

However, there are some rules that ought to be kept in mind.

1- Lower is aces. Therefore the lower to higher order would be Ace-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10-J-Q-K.

2- whether the player has wager at the tiger hand or the dragon hand if both the spots get similar card result for example six versus six then the hand are going to be a tie. The house would take half of every wager in The Most Trusted Live Casino Website In Malaysia. Otherwise, the higher card wins whereas the lower loses.

If casinos do not take something from the ties then they would not have any edge. For every hand, there are more or less 86320 total outcomes. Out of which, 6448 ends up in a tie. This provides the casino with an edge of 3.73% at the Dragon tiger wager. The rate of dragon tiger edge is bigger than the casino war and undoubtedly much more than the baccarat.

Tie bet

The players could also place the bets at the tie. Which are 6448 out of those 86320 outcomes. The casino gets a very healthy edge of 32.77% from the standard payoff at the tie of 8-1.

Big and small bet

The bets can also be played at whether the dragon or tiger has the big (above 7) card or a small (under 7) card. The cards which come under 7 are 6,5,4,3,2 and ace. While the cards which come above 7 are 8, 9, 10, J,Q and K. If the card is at the correct number, under or above 7 then the wager wins. However in Live casino gambling games and best free bets website, if it is at 7 or the wrong number, he loses. The casino gets 7.69% edge at this bet.

Suit bet

Bets may even be played at which suit would be chosen. Three to one is paid if the right suit is drawn but it is a loss if the right suit does not appear at the chosen dragon or tiger hand. Similarly, the edge is drawn if the seven number seems.

Following mentioned are few of the guidelines for dragon tiger game.

  • The most suitable choice is to bet at dragon or tiger.
  • For counting cards, live dragon tiger is ideal.
  • Suit-based strategy is that the most suitable choice
  • Playing a bet at tie is that the worst call.
  • On dragon tiger, betting systems do not work.

Dragon tiger could be a simple game and a motivating one too. There are many ways and tips that ought to be followed so as to win the game and have most fun.

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